Capital One banking error when downloading

All of a sudden I cannot import my bank download into my quicken file.  I am getting a C-885 error code. Is Capital One no longer supported in Quicken for Mac?

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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes, Capital One is definitely supported. That doesn't mean that things don't go wrong. Sometimes financial institutions have internal issues and simply block external access temporarily. Sometimes they make changes that affect Quicken without notifying Quicken in advance.

    How long have you been experiencing the problem? The first troubleshooting tip is generally to wait a day or two and try again... sort of like restarting a computer when something isn't working, or taking two aspirin and calling the doctor in the morning! ;) Very often, these problems get resolved and go back to working normally if you can just wait a day or two.

    If there's a widespread outage confirmed, Quicken generally posts an announcement you could see at the top of the home page -- but it sometimes takes a number of hours or until the next day before Quicken gets a handle on what the problem is.

    If you want to try for a faster resolution, you could contact Quicken Support. But they might have you jump through a lot of hoops which may or may not be necessary if something on the back-end is temporarily not working.
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  • malindsay
    malindsay Member
    Thanks. I’ll wait a few days. It just started happening yesterday. 
  • David42
    David42 Member ✭✭
    Not an isolated incident.
    "Quicken is unable to update this account because Web Connect support for your financial institution has been either temporarily, or permanently discontinued [CC-885]."

    Capital One support has been a problem for 1+ year, and it's getting worse and worse.

  • fbrn
    fbrn Member ✭✭
    Error message that the financial institution is currently not available for Quicken keeps coming up when trying to import downloaded CapitalOne account info.  CapitalOne says no issue and contract up to date.   

    ?Any light on this problem or a work-around available?
  • donaldsoule1
    donaldsoule1 Member
    I'm having the same problem. A call to Capital One and I'm told they no longer will support the download to Quicken. Which will make me switch banks. Don't know about the correctness of that answer as the support person I was talking to was polling others in her office to get some info about the Quicken situation. 
  • fbrn
    fbrn Member ✭✭
    That’s interesting because MY CapitalOne rep said they were all OK and set up for Quicken.   I asked if there might be an issue for MAC users but he did not know.  I am going to put the issue to Quicken as well.  
  • lutherasmith
    lutherasmith Member ✭✭
    I got this error: Quicken is unable to update this account because Web Connect support for your financial institution has been either temporarily, or permanently discontinued [CC-885].
    I was able to import the Capital one Visa data from the same account. 
  • mariatdc1066
    mariatdc1066 Member
    edited May 2019
    I use Quicken for Mac (v5.11.0) for personal checking and savings thru Capital One (previously Capital One 360).  I have been getting the same error code [CC-855] since April.  I thought I'd wait awhile to see if it needed an update, so I tried again in May (last week) but got the same error code.  I waited until after Memorial Day weekend to try again, but still got the error code.  

    I called Capital One, they said if I can download the .QFX file from them, but not import to Quicken, then it's Quicken's issue.  

    I called Quicken, they said it was Capital One's issue because Capital One does not support Web Connect.  

    I called Capital One again and again was told it was Quicken's issue because Capital One DOES support Web Connect.  Capital One said when Capital One 360 merged with Capital One, the online security was changed around the end of 2018, but they only started getting these complaints about Quicken this month.  They think it's some kind of update glitch with Quicken for Mac not able to recognize Capital One Bank.  I do think it's Quicken, as I do remember updating it before all this [removed] started.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm not doubting your reasoning, but it's worth noting that Quicken Mac hasn't been changed/updated since the beginning of March. So if a problem appeared in the past month, it's not Quicken Mac. It could be the Quicken back-end servers, but if you're downloading a file from Capital One to import into Quicken, that's unlikely. 
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  • mickiej
    mickiej Member
    I have been having this problem since about April.  I switched to Quicken for Mac in March and had no issues syncing with Capital One.  Now every time I try I get errors.  I can't even force a download from the Capital One website successfully.  I have spoken with Quicken CS to no satisfaction.  Really unhappy with my switch from the PC to Mac versions.  
  • stringerleo
    stringerleo Member ✭✭
    I am getting this same message as others reporting for weeks - how is there no resolution ?  pointing fingers at capone and quicken is not helping - QUICKEN please fix this I cannot import QFX from capital one - this just started happening - your response about a master list sounds easy to fix

    Quicken is unable to update this account because Web Connect support for your financial institution has been either temporarily, or permanently discontinued [CC-885].

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @stringerleo This site is not Quicken Support. If you want, you can contact Quicken Support by phone or chat at They're the only ones who can take definitive action.
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