How to access a list of a specific security buy/sell transactions?

How to access a list of a specific security buy/sell transactions? In Q 2007 Mac, this is easy!  It appears to be non-existent in  Q 2019 (or since 2007).


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    If I understand your question - you are looking for a transaction report for a given security?

    Open the investment account in Transaction view.
    Set the register date filter for All Dates.
    Enter the security name in the search box - upper-right of display.
    The register will display a complete transaction history for the security.

    Note that you can limit the search to a specific field by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and selecting the desired field to search.
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  • Adele Dreyer
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    OK......  That is one step further... Now:  How do I get DIVIDEND info for a PARTICULAR SECURITY?
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    @mshiggins This is the same user who was asking questions in that other thread.

    @Adele Dreyer I'm apparently not understanding what you're looking for. If you look in your investment register (make sure you're on the Transactions tab at the top, not Portfolio, you should see all your transactions, including Dividend Income (when you receive cash) and Reinvest Dividend (when the dividend purchases more shares). Do you not see those transactions?

    I'm wondering if your problem is that you don't see the dollar value of the Reinvest Dividend transactions? In Quicken 2007, you could see this in the register in the Cash Out column (although it wasn't really cash out). In Quicken 2019, you need to double-click on the transaction in order to see the Total Cost -- e.g the dollar value of your reinvested dividend. I don't believe there is a way to make the Total Cost field visible in the register view.
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    Adding to my previous comment...

    If the cash value of the dividends is what you're looking for, although you can't see it in the register, it's easy to create a report that will show those values.
    • Select New Report
    • Click Transaction
    • Select Rows = Category
    • Click Create Report
    • Click Customize
    • Set the date to the period you want (last year, las quarter, year to date, etc.)
    • Click on the Accounts tab, and select to Include only 'transactions from selected acocunts'
    • Click Clear All at the bottom, ten scroll through the account list to select only the accounts for which you want to see dividend information.
    • If you click OK now, you'll get a report of all investment activity for the selected accounts separated by categories.
    • If you only want to see dividends, but exclude other types of income, such as capital gains, click the Categories tab, click Clear All at the bottom, and then select only the dividend category(ies) you want: Dividend Income and/or Reinvest Dividend. Click OK.
    The report you generate this way will show each dividend transaction in the selected account(s), and the dollar value of each irrespective of whether it was a dividend received in cash or a dividend reinvested in more shares. 

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  • Adele Dreyer
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    This is a snapshot of what I want, so easy in 2007 Quicken, which is what I still use, simply for this feature.  It's a one-button operation.  I appreciate your thoughtful replies, everyone.... I'm just going to keep using 2007 until new Quicken Mac incorporates this feature....  or until the MAC IOS shuts the old Quicken out.  

    Why can't the programmers write code for this important feature????  My son could do it!  But he works somewhere else!

    So... I can probably get this info from Fidelity. Still not the FULL-FEATURED BRILLIANCE OF QUICKEN 2007 for INVESTORS!!!!!  By the way, NRZ is the stock below... and it's a fantastic high-dividend REIT that provides steady 11% dividends.

  • jacobs
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    Adele, your screen shot shows for each dividend a date and a share price, but it clipped off the right side of what window, which also shows the value of the transaction.

    I guess that I'm not understanding is exactly what information you want that you cannot get in Quicken 2019. In my post above, I showed you how to create a report to show the dividend transaction amounts. While it requires a minute to set up the first time, once you save the report, it's only one click in the future. Further, from what's in your screenshot of Quicken 2007, it appears you aren't reinvesting dividends, but receiving them in cash. Dividend transactions do show up in your register. Here's an example from one of my investments that receives dividends (which are not reinvested):

    So I'm puzzled what it is that you're unable to get Quicken 2019?
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