How do add expenses to a Project/Job so I can see the true cost of that particular job?

My husband is an independent contractor in the transportation industry.  He gets paid by the mile plus and fuel.  I know how to invoice the companies.  My question is how do I show any other expenses (not reimbursable) so that I will know the true cost of the job?  For Example, on any particular "job," he might have food, gas for his car, maybe a hotel room, etc. I have added the project/job to each invoice, but that is as far as I have gotten.

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    Well, my first thought is that such expenses should be recorded OUTSIDE of the invoicing function.
    Perhaps, you could record them a a regular Q transaction, but assign them to an appropriate Tax-Related category AND use a TAG that identifies the particular Job.
    Then, run a Transactions report, that's filtered for the particular Tag.

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