ESPP cost basis is wrong in the Investing tab

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Not really question, rather this is a bug report.  The cost basis shown on my ESPP shares in the Investing tab is wrong.  It is using the FMV on the purchase date, not the actual purchase price.

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  • mshiggins
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    What is the grant date and what is the purchase date for the lot in question? Also, have you looked at the Help topic on qualifying  vs. disqualifying dispositions?

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  • ccottrell
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    I apologize, as I was not very specific about why FMV on purchase date is wrong in this case.  For example,

    Grant date 9/1/2017, price at grant date 170.46
    Offering end date 2/28/2018, price at end date 242.00
    Purchase price/share 144.89, discount 15%
    Today's quote (5/6/2019) is 183.01 per share.

    In this situation the cost basis should be 170.46 per share since both 242.00 and 183.01 are greater than 170.46.  Quicken is showing the cost basis as 242.00 per share.
  • mbgmaven
    mbgmaven Member
    Also observed the same issue. I have a lookback provision and it's not using the grant date price but rather than end date pricing which is significantly higher.
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