Credit card payments showing as 'Money In' in reports

I have two credit car payments that are properly categorized as transfers, however they are showing up in Money In, which skews everything. How can I correct this please?

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  • jacobs
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    First, let's make sure I'm on the same page as you. Where are you seeing the payment as Money In? Is this on a Category Summary report? Is it listed as its own category of Transfer there?

    I'm sorry if this all sounds obvious, but let me ask a bunch more questions...  Do you have a separate credit card account in Quicken, where you record your individual credit card transactions? And then you have a payment in your checking account as a Transfer to the credit card account?

    In your checking account register, do you use the Amount Column, or the separate Payment and Deposit columns? If Amount, is the payment of the credit card bill showing as a negative number in the Amount column? And the balance in your checking account declines with the payment transaction?

    I'm thinking you will answer no to one or more of these questions. I can create a transaction which appears in the Money In section, but only by doing a few things "wrong", so that's why I want to dig into how you have your accounts set up and how you have this payment recorded.

    If yes to all of the above, it sounds like the transaction is correct, and we can zero in on the report showing the payment as Money In. What report are you using?

    Post back, and I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this.

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  • Kate Pravera
    Kate Pravera Member
    Yes, it is category report for April. Under the heading Money In, the first category is Credit Card Payment, which is a header that has multiple credit card payment transactions. I double checked and 'credit card payment' is set up as a subcategory of Transfer. Yes, I have a separate account for credit card transactions. I did NOT have it set up as a transfer out of checking, and adjusted that. The actual transactions are gone from "Money In' but the total with the heading Credit Card Payments is still there under Money In. I tried refreshing the page. Next: my check register uses "amounts". One credit card payment in my check register is shown with a negative. I'm looking for the other one now. I'll keep working through your questions until I am able to resolve this or else report back that I could not. Thank you!
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