Searching for totals when some are inside split transactions

When searching for transactions with a specific category, the entire total for a split transaction appears, not simply the line item that matches the category searched upon. i.e. search for Travel and I get the credit card transaction where travel may only be a fraction of the total. Is there a way to see only the split line items that meet my search?


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    It sounds like you are searching within a register. When doing this, you are only going to display entire transactions, not split breakout. Once you have searched, you can print the register and choose the Format As: Category Detail option when it pops up. This will group the split lines in the found transactions by category. You can print to PDF if you don't want to actually print it. But you will still get every split line in the found transactions, not just the one category you are searching for.

    A better option is to customize a report. Go to the Reports menu and choose New Report. Choose Transaction, then Time in the Rows popup menu and give it a name. After the report generates, click the Customize button, top left. Here you can choose the timeframe you want. You can limit the report to only certain accounts and to the one category you are interested in. You will now have a time-sorted list of only the split portions of the transactions related to the category you've chosen. You can customize which columns are displayed using the Columns button top left.
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    Let's say during the past 4 months you have some travel expenses, some of which are on a Citi Credit Card along with other items that are not travel related such as clothing or gifts. You also have other travel expenses that are on a debit card. When you conduct a search for "Travel", the window that opens will display the Citi Credit card with the grand total of all expenses such as $551.00. Underneath that total you will see all the travel expenses charged to that card and travel expenses that you incurred using a debit card.

    Another option is click on "Reports" on the menu bar, Select "Easy Answer" and then select "How Much Did I Spend On" and enter "Travel" for the time period you want to view. When the window opens showing "Travel", click on the plus (+) sign to expand the report and you will see how much you have spent on "Travel" for the time period you have specified.

    I hope this is what you are trying to accomplish
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    @Gary K. Massey I believe you must be using Quicken Windows, as those options don't exist in Quicken Mac. @RickO has described how to generate the report in Quicken Mac.

    @LoisMelbourne I want to touch on something else from your post. Are you recording your monthly credit card bill as one single transaction in your checking account, with split lines for each transaction? If so, that is not the recommended way to handle credit cards in Quicken. You should create a separate account for each credit card, and record every credit card charge as an individual transaction in the credit card account. The running balance in that account is your credit card balance, When it's time to pay the credit card bill, in your checking account, enter a payment to the credit card company which is a Transfer to the credit card account. (That is, make sure Transfer is a visible column in your register, and click in the Transfer column to select the credit card account name.)
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