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I used Quicken for about five years, ending in 2008.  Last year I started using it again.    After a year back with Quicken, here are my thoughts.

If Quicken for Windows wants to stay relevant, it needs to get MUCH more comfortable with the Internet.  Out of the box, the product still treats online banking like an afterthought.  It's possible to minimize that effect with a lot of menu tweaking, but it should be the other way around.

Why is there an "Online Center" section AND a "Mobile & Web" section?  IT'S ALL THE INTERNET.

Why is One-Step Update still a separate and obtrusive thing?  Why do I have to choose which accounts to enable for cloud sync?  Why am I being reminded to cloud sync?  YES, I want to download transactions from my banking services.  YES, I want to upload my transactions to the cloud.  I want it to be seamless and happen in the background.  

Why do I need a Quicken ID AND a Password Vault password?  Just use the Quicken ID to protect my passwords, on my desktop and in the cloud.  

Why do the Mobile apps show "Today's balance" AND "Online balance?"  If I haven't used Quicken for Windows of Quicken for Web in two weeks, those are likely to be different numbers.  But my bank's number is still the correct one.  So what's the point?

I'm spending too much time watching Quicken download and upload and making sure that Quicken for Windows has up-to-date information, which means I'm spending too little time on what I bought Quicken for - budgeting, planning, tracking.

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  • splasher
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    RSKadish said:

    Why is there an "Online Center" section AND a "Mobile & Web" section?  IT'S ALL THE INTERNET.

    It may all be the internet to you, but I see a vast difference.  Online Center is about Quicken making a connection to my FI and downloading transactions. 
    Mobil & Web deal with Quicken taking some portion of my data, storing it on Quicken's servers so that the user can see it on their mobile device (phone or tablet) or browser.
    There is a VERY big difference between the two and personally, I have no desire to have my data on a Quicken server for QMobile or Web access.

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  • RSKadish
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    I'm not taking about that. I'm talking about design and usability. 

    First there was Quicken. Then along came online banking and bill paying, so the Online Center was bolted on. Then came mobile and web apps, so that section was bolted on. 

    It's time to integrate it all and make it native to the application. 

    I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't have a choice as to what you opt in or out of. 
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