Problem with Treasuries

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Having same problem as others as it relates to Treasuries.  

Have two problems:

1.  Changed Treasury transaction to the recommended solution from the community:  enter as Buy Bonds, Sell Bonds at maturity and book income as <isc Income.  Is that the correct solution?  However when I made adjustment to one of my investment accounts, I have new problem.  
2.  When i made the change above, my Quicken investment account no longer reconciles to the online balance of my investment account,   When I export the Quicken detail positions/balances to excel and compare/reconcile  with the actual online investment account positions/balances, i have no differences ... except the sum of the individual Quicken positions do not foot to the total per Quicken.  Why?

Any suggestions


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    Misc income, right? In that transaction, what is the Category for the Misc. income? Is the income transferred to another account?
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    Thanks for asking.  All proceeds stay within the same account.  I want to solve how to handle Treasuries with no impact on my accounts before i change other investment accounts.
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