why no recent updates?

It's been a looong time since an update has been made to Quicken. I'm worried that support for the product by the company is fading. So much needs to still be done to be even half as robust as Quicken 2007

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  • jacobs
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    The Quicken Mac development team pioneered the year-round updates back five years ago, and I wouldn't read anything into the uneven gaps between updates. Sometimes they come as little as four weeks apart; other times, they stretch to three months. It just depends on what different groups of programmers have been working on, and when they come to fruition. Or sometimes, a particular feature change requires multiple pieces to be delivered together, so a delay in finishing one piece can delay multiple developments. And, of course, any scheduled release can be delayed -- by a few days or a few weeks -- if testing uncovers bugs or performance problems.

    Quicken Mac 5.11 as released on March 7, so it's been just over two months since that update. The previous update, 5.10, was release on January 31, so it was only 5 weeks between those releases. I'd expect the next update within a few weeks.
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  • Marshall A
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    Last update for Mac was 5.11 in March.  It is now mid May and still no update.  Meanwhile Quicken for Windows had an update in April and another in May.

    The lack of features in the Mac version vs. PC version is extremely frustrating.

    I understand that you are a much smaller company that Intuit who you purchased Quicken from, but still... if you're not going to keep up with the Mac version, why even bother having it?  The Windows version does SOOO much more.  Is it that you think the market share of Mac users vs. Windows users is so much smaller that developer resources are better used in the Windows version?

    I honestly just want a straight answer on this as it seems development and improvement to Mac version has come to a dead standstill.  Mac users need to know if they need to start installing Windows on their Mac just to run Quicken, or just give it up and look for an alternate finance software.
  • vahe guzelimian
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    I am getting increasingly concerned that Quicken MAc development has slowed significantly. There are so many missing features and updates to be made that I still can't use Quicken. Isn't everyone getting worried?
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