Quicken for Mac Premier 2019 Doesn't Categorize Well

I have used Quicken since 2004 and in recent years, the product has improved greatly.  Up until about mid 2018, Quicken was really smart about transaction categories.  It generally picks a good one to use that is accurate and if you have previously assigned a category, it learns and uses that category in the future.  However, since mid-2018, Quicken does a poor job of this.  I have to constantly look at the categories for repeat stores from the past and correct the latest downloads.  Some team tried to improve category assignments, but in doing so caused it to stop learning what you wanted when you told it before.  Please fix this.  I'm sure that it wouldn't be too complex to get it back to where it was last year.

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    Thanks @jacobs.  I just signed up and took a quick look for this topic and when I didn't find it quickly, I posted this.  Thanks for the info!!!
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