Investing Portfolio Tab Share Quantity Not Always Matching the Entered Transactions Share Quantity

I've noticed a strange issue when reviewing my investment portfolio in the Investing Portfolio tab.  For certain securities the share quantity on specific lots is not matching what is showing under the purchase transactions for the brokerage account. 

For example, for one security it shows 1.989 shares for lot 4/10/2014 in the Investing Portfolio tab.  When I go into the transactions of the brokerage account for that date there is a single transaction on 4/10/2014 that shows a purchase of 2 shares.  No other transactions occur on this date or in this general timeframe for this security.

This causes the overall share quantity in the summary tab for this security and my brokerage account to be out of sync/incorrect when comparing to the entered transactions. 

When I click the Reconcile shares option it detects the mismatch between Quicken and my financial institution and suggests creating a placeholder to account for the difference.  The problem is that the counts and information in the transactions are fine, Quicken is just not displaying/adding them up correctly in the summarized view.

Is this a bug or something I don't understand about lots and how Quicken would show the shares as 2 for the entered transactions and only 1.989 for that lot in the summarized portfolio view?

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  • allibri425
    allibri425 Member
    Thanks for the response!  That was a helpful suggestion to check the as of date.  I narrowed down the issue to 5/30/2018, and when I clicked on the Security View from the Investing tab I noticed a placeholder transaction on 5/31/2018 that strangely doesn't exist in the Account Transactions view. 

    Not sure how/why it shows up in the Security view but not the Account Transactions view but it allowed me to enter the share quantity as of that date, and it removed the placeholder and corrected the issue.  Thanks for your help pointing me in the right direction!
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