Nissan Finance not downloading

My Nissan Finance account hasn't downloaded for several days. I tried setting up a new account in Quicken, and it has two problems:
  • It shows the URL as instead of and
  • When I enter my account info, it says "Did you mistype your sign-in info"
If I re-enter my info, I get the same "Did you mistype your sign-in info".

I suspect something changed on the Nissan side of things, but does anybody know what it will take to get it working again?

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  • ac67
    ac67 Member ✭✭
    My Nissan Finance account stopped downloading after the May 8 download (it's now May 21). Reset didn't work. Found a thread from March 6 in which Quicken Sarah advised the OP to deactivate the account, then after the Quicken screen refreshed, click the middle tab (Online Services) and select "Activate." I've done this successfully with other accounts in the past, so I deactivated. But now, the Online Services tab is not there!

    (For privacy, I removed the account number before taking the screenshot, but yes, it was there, and it is correct.)

    I pay extra every month, so I was really depending on those downloads to keep me aware of my current status. I do NOT want to go back to manually entering this information every month.

    Has Nissan Finance stopped offering the ability to connect with Quicken? If not, please help me restore this service.
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