Why does my quicken investments not match updated statements.

My Quicken investments does not match Statements after a update. I have kicked this up to my investment company and they claim it is the quicken software. Any suggestions?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    We need some more details:

    -- Are you downloading transactions from your financial institution (FI)? (It sounds like you are)

    -- what statement are you comparing your Quicken holdings to? 

    -- do the securities you hold in Quicken match those you hold in real life? This includes the share classes of any mutual funds.

    -- do your share balances in Quicken match those at the FI?

    -- do the share prices match those at the FI? Of course if you hold stocks, the prices will fluctuate during the day. It is best to make comparisons while the market is closed and after mutual fund prices have updated for the day, generally around 7PM Eastern.
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  • swanny
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    Yes I am downloading from the financial institution.
    I am going to my financial institution and getting balance at end of day.
    I did not check shares being held in quicken to Institution.

  • Ps56k2
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    What brokerage for your investments -
    How often do things change - my Fidelity mutual funds are mostly monthly or yearly,
    but my Schwab stocks change with divs, buy/sell, etc -
    As mentioned above - the starting point is the number of shares for each equity position, and the daily pricing will flunctuate...

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