Coinbase transactions use 8+ significant decimal digits

I track my Coinbase account in Quicken. Coinbase processes all of my fills with 8+ significant decimal digits, but Quicken is limited to 6 decimal digits for shares (coins), and two decimal digits for the price, commission,  and total. Is there a preference in Quicken to increase share and USD significant digits for more accurate tracking?


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  • Walter Kraslawsky
    Walter Kraslawsky Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the reply.  The suggestion to shift the decimal right on shares and left on price is interesting, but not worth the effort. Even then I still have to tweak shares, price, or commission to get a correct total cash balance.

    I was just hoping Quicken had improved investment transactions by adding a preference or other user option (which I could not find) to increase the number of digits accuracy. 

     I suppose they'll fix this someday if enough users complain.

  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It would be much easier if there was a method to set up a Foreign Currency for Coinbase, Bitcoin, etc. instead of having to treat it as a security you own.
    Only problem is: Quicken has a hardcoded design for currencies that expects currencies to be like Dollars and Cents, with 2 decimal places.
    There are currencies that do not use fractional amounts, like the Yen or some South American currencies with heavy inflationary trends.
    Instead of limiting transaction entries to 8 digits and 2 decimal places (99,999,999.99), Quicken should allow > 10 digits and, for each currency, currency - specific selectable numbers of decimal places, from 0 to 8.
    For example:
    Default:    10.2   meaning 10 digits total, 2 decimal places
    Coinbase: 16.8    16 digits total, 8 decimal places
    Yen:         16.0   16 digits total, 0 decimal places
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