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I'm using Quicken 2016 and understand that the "connected services" expired at the beginning of the month. I take this to mean that the convenient "update accounts" button that goes and fetches transactions automatically would cease to work, and I'm cool with that.

However, I've downloaded a .qfx file from my account onto my computer and am trying to import it into Quicken. When I do this, I'm greeted with a message saying "Oh no! Your connected services have expired." and wanting me to upgrade and pay.

How to I simply import a transactions file now?


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  • RickO
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    Connected services includes import of QFX files because the bank has to be validated online. Sorry, but you must upgrade. You have gotten three years of free connected services per the original QM2016 service agreement. Time to pay the piper.
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  • ejohnst
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    Well, OFX files appear to be similarly restricted... CSV imports seem quite unreliable. This renders the software, for which I did pay, effectively useless. I can certainly sympathize with Quicken wanting to charge for ongoing server-side conveniences they provide, but for there to be no reasonable way for me to import data manually downloaded from my bank into the software is, frankly, so ridiculous that I am still assuming that I must be missing something?
  • NotACPA
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    "This renders the software, for which I did pay"  There appears to be a misunderstanding here.
    You did NOT buy Quicken.  You bought a license to run Quicken pursuant to the End User Licensing Agreement, which you agreed to when you installed QW2016.  That EULA clearly included the discontinuation of services at about 3.5 years after RELEASE of the product, in late 2015.
    You've gotten, for the past 3 years or so, everything that you purchased.
    And, as RickO has already told you, even importing a QFX file that you downloaded involves Q Connected Services.
    Additionally, Q is moving towards reducing the number of products that it supports by removing old products from the mix and continuing with the Subscription model in which there is only 1 QWin US product, 1 QMac product and 1 QWin Canada product.  With fewer products to support, they can focus their attentions of bug fixes and enhancements to those products.
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