how to manually enter a deposit

The quick start guide says to click on new transaction, however only "payee"  information shows up on my Quicken (for Mac) Deluxe 2019.  I added a column for Deposits but still only payee shows up in the new transaction tab.

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    Are you looking for a column called "Payor" to enter the name of the entity that gave you the money to deposit? If so, there is no such column. You simply use the Payee column to the name of the entity from whom you got the money. Or you can just enter the word "Deposit" in that column.

    For the amount, you can either enter the amount as a positive number (with a + sign in front of it) in the Amount column. Or you can enter it in the Deposit column if you have the Deposit & Payment columns showing. You should have either Amount or Payment/Deposit columns showing. You don't need both.

    If this doesn't solve this for you, please post a screenshot of what you're seeing so we can try to help further. 

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