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I receive an RMD each year from my Deferred Comp account.  I can record the sale of the fund in the Deferred comp account.  But I cannot get it to transfer the cash and federal tax withheld to my personal bank account.  If I do it in my bank account, it transfers to net "Deferred Comp contributions" account  and also deposits it in my bank account.  I then adjust it in the bank account to show the gross amount and the tax withheld, which then equals the amount entered as the deposit. But the "Deferred Comp Contributions"account  in Quicken says "uncleared".  How do I clear it? It says "not yet matched to a downloaded transaction".  If I click on "uncleared", I get a "Manual Match" screen showing the gross amount (before taxes withheld) and asks me to select the matching downloaded transaction (but there is nothing there)

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    HOW are you recording that RMD withdrawal?  It should be recorded, in the Deferred Comp account as a Transfer to your bank account.
    If you could show us a snapshot of that transaction in the Deferred Comp account (redacted to hide the $) it would help us in trying to assist you.
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