Why does Quicken not open the register when I click the Icon on the dock?

Quicken will not automatically open when I click on the App on the dock (like all the other ones do). I have to go up to the top bar and choose "Recents".

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  • tmears10
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    Thank you. It worked. But I think it's been restarted not too long ago after an update?? If this will work each time, I can handle it. Thanks again!
  • jacobs
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    It's really a macOS issue, not something with Quicken. It shouldn't happen frequently.
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  • Quicken Harold
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    Hi tmears10.

    Another reason why it's not opening the file is that you might have a file open but the window was closed.

    With Quicken open, I would click on Window and choose the name of the file:

    Hope this helps.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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