Quicken and Wells Fargo Brokerage share balance issue

I am using the Quicken Subscription Version in Windows. Whenever I use Direct Connect to update my Wells Fargo Brokerage accounts, I get notified that 'Shares Reported' and 'Shares in Quicken' do not match. This does not happen for all securities but only for certain Mutual Funds and UIT's. What is happening is that the 'Shares Reported' to Quicken are 1/100 the amount of the shares that I actually own. For example, I may have 1,596 shares of ABC Fund, but WF is reporting it as 15.96 shares. I know some funds and UIT's report shares as "hundredths", so I'm sure this has something to do with it. Problem is, I keep getting pop-ups telling me WF is reporting 15.96 and Quicken has 1,596 shares, and offers to have a placeholder transaction created. It gets very annoying! Also, in these funds, whenever I purchase or reinvest in additional shares, the downloaded transactions only add 1/100th the amount of shares that should actually be added.

Is there a fix or a workaround out there that may help me?

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