My transactions will not display without triggering a crash of Quicken

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I am using Quicken for Windows 2017 R19.1
I have a significant number of accounts set up with transactions included for a number of years.
After updating my accounts this morning, one account (A Fidelity Account - Investment Account) generates a crash if I click on the account on the home screen. Occasionally, the account will appear on the screen but no transactions appear on the screen. The bottom of the screen will show the account balance and cash balance but no transactions. When this happens, I can sometimes actually do a search for transactions (eg - all transactions containing a certain word) and the search results will appear on the screen. But when I go back to the account it displays a screen which has no transactions (even though the column headings are there.
Most often, when I click on this account, it generates a crash.
I have run a "Validate and Repair" and found that a number of share holdings had share prices for a date way in the future. I methodically deleted all of these future prices. I also corrected a few other transaction issues but the problem persists.
Is there a limit to the number of transactions that can be handled in one account?
Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


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    Commenting as a follow up to my own post.

    Over the course of the last few days I've tried to identify the issues with my Quicken file. I finally decided to reach out to Quicken telephone support and spent an hour or so with a representative. Quite honestly, I was very pleasantly surprised at the knowledge, patience and care that the representative brought to the conversation. In the end, he suggested a few alternatives all of which were designed to reduce the size of the file and reduce the number of transactions in the file. Most of these alternatives were costly in terms of the potential loss of historical data. Eventually, he suggested using one of my backup files, saving the account history on the problematic account, "freezing" that account so that it would no longer update and creating a new account to replace it. This effectively provided me with a workable file containing all of my accounts with all of the historical data that I needed.

    While there might have been a better way to address the issue (perhaps a technical support person spending loads of time with my crash reports) it was clear that this would probably take lots more time than I was prepared to wait.

    In the meantime, I thought I'd at least go on the record that my encounter with Quicken support was a very pleasant surprise. This particular gentleman (John) was excellent.
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    As a response to Sherlock's suggestion about data file troubleshooting... Thanks! I learned a lot from your post. In the end, the Validation procedure pointed out some issues with my file but apparently, none of the issues were contributing to my crashes.
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