I need very basic info on navigating the Quicken Mac display

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I use quicken in a very minimal way, only to provide me with a digital version of my checking account to avoid the add/subtract errors I make trying to do it the ancient way. I have been using quicken this way for many years but after upgrading to version 5.11 things don't make sense. What do I select to get to my running checking account display? Sometimes I just stumble upon it but today I haven't found it yet. Then when I do find it sometimes it shows me a running balance along with the transactions, and sometimes it doesn't . How do I get it to always show the running balance. needless to say, I am not very computer-smart, I need a 7 yr old at my side! (I am also well into my 80's).

is there a user guide where I could look for Quicken help?


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