Crash when accepting downloaded securities


  • woppenhe
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    I have the same problem. It occurs frequently with an options account. The security suggested in the top window does not appear with its complete name in the bottom 'new security' window. Unless I manually complete it, (short position, etc), the program closes when I attempt to accept it. The issue thus seems to be that the name of the option is displayed properly in the top box but not in the bottom box. Pleas have someone look at this.
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    Hello @woppenhe

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    I took the liberty of reviewing the submitted crash reports and located the crash error code: c0000005

    May I ask, are you using Windows 8 for your operating system?  If so, please see this solution posted by Microsoft for this error code and let us know if the steps provided resolve the crash.

    Thank you,

  • JimPitt
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    I am having a similar problem with the program crashing as I try to match an option name. Quicken Deluxe on a Windows 10 machine.
  • JimPitt
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    Well the issue seems to have resolved itself - how is that possible?
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    JimPitt said:
    Well the issue seems to have resolved itself - how is that possible?
    Windows update?
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  • whdavidge
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    I have gotten the same problem using Windows 10 ver 1511. Downloaded option can not be accepted with crashing, and there does not seem to be a way to ignored the downloaded transaction.
  • joelf1
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    I see this a lot too. Interestingly, most times it seems to crash twice at the match securities window and then works the third time. Sometimes it crashes once, and rarely it doesn't crash. I've tried all the various options to validate/repair but still see the issue. I happen to have two bond securities with a # in the symbol and CUSPID which is different than all the others. I wonder if the number of crashes corresponds to the position of the new security in the existing list compared to the two with # in their symbols (the theory being that the SW is iterating through the existing list to insert the new one and chokes each time it hits a security with the #). Once the crash storm ends, the security is added and everything is fine (until the next new downloaded security that is). Anyone solve this one?
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    @joelf1:  Generally, I would say bonds should not be checked in the Security List (Crtl-Y) to have quotes downloaded.  If that box is checked, you can uncheck it and see if that clears up the crashes.  The Quicken quote supplier does not supply quotes for bonds.  Those prices only come from your Financial Institution.  Unchecking that box will not alter the prices downloaded from your FI.     
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