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2 questions about Find -- 1) I just upgraded from 2014 and the Find button that used to be at the top right side of the register is gone. Is this a setting that I can turn on somehow or am I stuck using the menu to get to Find?
2) I don't use the Tag field and would like to remove it from the Find display so I don't have to go to the trouble of resizing fields every time I do a find and want to see the Memo field. Is there a way to customize the Find results display? I've been hoping for this necessary feature for a long time.


  • Snowman
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    To remove the "tag" field from registers, open a register and on the right side click the lower of the two "gear" icons.  Then deselect the tag field.  If you by chance clicked the upper gear icon select "Register Columns" and deselect the tag field.  Click Done when you are finished.

    By "find" button are you referring to the Search field?  Again there are two of these located on the right side if the register display.  The lower field is labeled Search with the magnifying glass icon which will search only the open register.  The upper field labeled "Search a payment or deposit" will search all accounts.

    I am on Quicken 2019 at the moment but when I had 2017 I know both of those fields were there.  Backup you data file first and then try downloading the latest Mondo patch for Quicken 2017 and installing it to see if this solves the problem.
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    Thanks, Snowman. I hadn't noticed the search field at the top of the window and that is an effective substitute for the Find button on the old version (which triggered the same Find feature as the one on the Edit menu). I removed the Tag field from my registers back when the field was first added, but I am still looking for a way to remove it from the pop up window that displays results when a Find is requested
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    Hello @MisterQ

    Thank you for taking the time to share your questions with the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a follow-up response.

    I'm glad that using the search field at the top of the window is an effective substitute for the old Find button.

    To answer the second part of your question, the Find & Replace window does not currently have the ability to be customized and all available search options will appear in the column headers by default.

    I do think the ability to customize the Fine & Replace screen would be a great feature to add to Quicken and would recommend creating a new "Idea" post requesting this ability be added.

    The Idea posts are reviewed directly by our Development Teams for insight on what future features/functionalities are being requested by Users.  Ideas may also be voted on by other Members of the Community and the more votes an Idea receives, the higher it is prioritized for possible future implementation.

    Steps to create an Idea post are available here.

    I hope this information is helpful and please let the Community know if there are any further questions/concerns.

    Thank you again,

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