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How do I delete my cloud account?

I'd like to remove my cloud account and all data in it. Using R19.44 of Quicken Deluxe on Windows. Can't find the menu selections on Windows nor from Quicken on the web that seem to delete a cloud account. I'm probably just missing the obvious.

I quit using mobile and the cloud in 2018 and had turned off syncing for all my accounts.

Yesterday, after downloading credit card transactions I magically had every account duplicated with a '2' appended to the account names containing transactions that stopped in 2018. I'm guessing the cloud account woke up and thought I needed to sync all my accounts to last year's data. I'm also finding my active accounts now have errors and duplicate transactions.

Want to prevent this from every happening again.

Thanks, in advance, for any help in deleting my cloud account.

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