Can't find my old quicken to uninstall. Not in Add/Remove Programs or in search.

I'm installing Quicken 2019 Home & Office. I had Quicken 2015 Home & Office on my PC. It's telling me to uninstall 2015. But when I go to Add/Remove Programs or do a search for Quicken nothing comes up. Can't find my old Quicken anywhere. How can I locate it to uninstall, or how can I continue installing the new 2019? There was no data in the old 2015 as I was not able to restore with my old Back Up because it had updated version on Back Up.

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  • nagriffith
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    Please see attachment. Still can't find Quicken 2015 to uninstall. Followed all directions for QcleanUI.(personal information redacted) Thank you!
  • NotACPA
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    Add/Remove programs is MEANINGLESS in resolving your issue ... and possibly even harmful as it removes PART of Q ... but leaves behind remnants that only QCleanUI can find.
    SO, tell us more about your QCleanUI experience ... what happened?  Why didn't it work?

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