How to import investment data from a Muriel Siebert brokerage account

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My wife's mother had a brokerage account at Muriel Siebert that was held in her name and my wife's name as joint tenants. My wife's mother died without a will and the probate court authorized changing the Muriel Siebert joint account into a new Muriel Siebert account in my wife's name in June.

As my wife died earlier this year without a will, the Muriel Siebert account is in the name of my wife's estate with me listed as the administrator of my wife's estate on the account. I am trying to import transactions from Muriel Siebert into a Quicken database that I've created for my wife's estate.

In the Quicken fidir.txt file there is an entry for the Muriel Siebert brokerage that indicates that Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect is supported; however, it is never displayed when I attempt to use Account > New > Brokerage.

I have accessed the web site and displayed the transaction data for the estate's brokerage account. It provides an option to download a Quicken QFX file. I've downloaded the file and attempted to import it using the File > Import > Bank or Brokerage File (OFX, QFX). The import fails with a CC-885 error.

Using TextEdit to examine the downloaded MyAccount.QFX file, I discovered that the file was generated identifying the financial institution as StockCross with it's correct FIID. StockCross does provide web services to the Muriel Siebert brokerage and StockCross has an entry in the fidir.txt file but the entry indicates that only Direct access is supported. I cannot access the Muriel Siebert account data through the StockCross web site.

How can I import the Muriel Siebert account data into the Quicken database that I have created for my wife's estate?

Am I stuck downloading the Muriel Siebert account data to an Excel file and manually entering the transaction data into Quicken?

Would it be possible to edit the MyAccount.QFX file to indicate that the originating financial institution is siebertnet? Would this work when Quicken doesn't display siebertnet in the File > New > Brokerage list?

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    From C. D. Bales:
    "Would it be possible to edit the MyAccount.QFX file to indicate that the originating financial institution is siebertnet?"

    I believe that the financial institution you found in fidir.txt is for downloading banking transactions. That financial institution name will not work for investment account downloads. 

    [You could check the financial institution web site to see if they offer QIF file downloads for  investment transactions.]

    For the best possible answer, I suggest you contact the financial institution, and ask to speak to their Quicken liaison person.

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