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Quicken not remembering name/category (Q Mac)

Avi Dee
Avi Dee Member ✭✭
I eat at a place called "Sticky's Finger Joint" weekly and charge it to my credit card. Every time I sync up with my bank (Chase via Quicken Connect), it shows up as payee "Fingers" with category "Furnishings". I rename it to "Sticky's Finger Joint" with category "Food & Dining:Restaurants". And I save it.

And the next week it downloads incorrectly, and I fix it. The week after that it downloads incorrectly, and I fix it. This has happened like 10 times now and shows no sign of stopping.

They *all* show up with FI Payee of "TST* STICKY S FINGER JOIN" so Quicken should learn that they're the same, and should learn that my rename should be done to all of them. In my Payees list, there are no hidden "Fingers" entries.

Any thoughts on how I can make Quicken name things correctly?

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  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭

    I will give that a try, but 1) that's really kinda crazy, and 2) where in the world is it getting the "Fingers is a furnishings store" in the first place?!

    If this doesn't work, I guess it's time to turn off the "Automatically improve the quality" checkbox.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭
    > @jacobs said:
    Manually enter a transaction for Sticky's Finger Joint, categorized the way you want, with the dollar amount and date of your next transaction. Then download from your credit card company so you know have your manual transaction and the downloaded duplicate. Drag the manual one [...]

    FYI, when I did this (Version 5.11.0 (Build 511.25626.100)) I didn't get the manual and the downloaded duplicate. I got only the manual one, marked as "cleared".

    The inspector has a matching status of "Matched (auto)" for this one rather than "Downloaded". I'll let you know how this goes.
  • Avi Dee
    Avi Dee Member ✭✭
    And… Nope.

    Updated to Version 5.11.1 (Build 511.25673.100) but even that version, after last week’s match, is still insisting on “Fingers” and “Furnishings”.

    This is disappointing.
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