more details on mobile issue in windows version 19.44

I see that a few people have already raised that flag that mobile is no longer functioning properly since being upgraded to 19.44. Before coming to the forum and realizing that the issue with mobile is more widespread, I noted two things.

When I have had an issue with mobile syncs in the past, I would go to the "Quicken ID, sync & alerts" section within preferences and reset the cloud data. However, that button no longer appears.

I also noticed that the same screen is offering the "get started" button for mobile and web, as if I'm not already using the feature. I've been using mobile since 2017 or 2018. Even when I look at my Mobile and Alerts tab, it shows my last update was this afternoon.

Don't know if either of these particulars exist for other users. However, I thought I'd share, in the hope that doing so might assist with troubleshooting.

Looking forward to the fix.

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