Account Value - Portfolio Value Mismatch

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Account market value (Investing - portfolio view) does not agree with value in accounts window.


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    If by "accounts window" you mean the Account Bar which usually runs down the left side of the screen, try clicking the gear at the top to the right of ACCOUNTS and making sure you have selected Show Current Balance and not Show Ending Balance.
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  • Good try, but that did not work.
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    Please describe your problem in more detail.

    Is the "accounts window" the Account Bar, or are you talking about something else?

    Is it just one account that does not agree?
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  • Yes, I mean the account bar (sorry for the wrong terminology). all the accounts are a little off. One is significantly off. I've already tried a validate & repair.
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    You should check that the "Portfolio View" you are seeing is customized as applicable - for both accounts to be included and securities to be included.
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