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Fields not syncing correctly

In quicken mobile, the payee information in my transactions are showing what appears to be from the memo field at my bank, a generic "Debit Purchase". How do I fix this?

On my computer, I can see the whole string. For example,"Debit Card Purchase 05/01 1/BONELLO'S PIZZA TORRANCE CA" in the downloaded transactions. The first part before the "/" (Debit Card Purchase 05/01 1) is in the Payee box and the part after the "/" (BONELLO'S PIZZA TORRANCE CA) is in the memo box. This is incorrect. But, I can still categorize because I can see who the payee is even if it is in the wrong box.

On the mobile app, I am only seeing the part before the "/" in the payee field. There is no memo field. So, I cannot see who the payee is and therefore don't know how it should be categorized.

I have been told that in the mobile app the notes field is the memo field. However, the notes field is empty in all my transactions.


  • mshiggins
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    From C. D. Bales:
    "The first part before the '/' (Debit Card Purchase 05/01 1) is in the Payee box and the part after the '/' (BONELLO'S PIZZA TORRANCE CA) is in the memo box. This is incorrect."

    I don't think it is "incorrect".

    It is your financial institution's choice about what data downloads to what fields. 

    The Quicken "Downloaded Transactions" tab does not have a column for the downloaded memo field.

    So the forward slash you see is Quicken's way of displaying the contents of both the downloaded payee name and the downloaded memo together in the Downloaded Transactions tab.

    That is so you will see the complete text that Quicken uses when determining the downloaded payee for Renaming purposes. See Quicken Help.

    {To confirm what I say is true, I suggest you modify your Quicken QDF file account to display the "Downloaded Payee" and the "Downloaded Memo". Click the small gear-wheel icon directly above the account vertical scroll bar.]

    I don't use the Mobile app so I can't help you there.

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