Incorrect Ticker Symbol shown for Vanguard Funds (edited)

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There is a problem with the way Quicken handles Vanguard mutual funds. Vanguard has converted many of its customers to Admiral funds. Quicken is unwilling to recognize such.

When I download transactions from Vanguard, Quicken refuses to recognize the Vanguard ticker symbols. Instead it reverts to the ticker symbol for regular accounts.

For example, the ticker symbol for Vanguard’s Mid-Cap Index Fund is VIMSX. The symbol for Vanguard’s Mid-Cap Index Fund Admiral is VIMAX. I do not own VIMSX anymore. A few months ago, this fund was converted to Admiral VIMAX.

When I download transactions from Vanguard, Quicken says they are the regular account, VIMSX. Quicken displays an error report saying that Vanguard reported all my shares as VIMSX, not VIMAX Admiral.

Thinking this was so, I went to the Quicken account in question. There is a transaction whereby all the VIMSX shares are WITHDRAWN. There is another transaction wherein all the shares are DEPOSITed as VIMAX Admiral.

Yet when I click on the INVESTING box at the top Quicken’s main page, all the shares are shown as VIMSX. How is this possible?


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    I had vanguard for many years and changed securities from standard to admiral and back again frequently. (Vanguard didn't allow us to transfer admiral shares from 401k accounts to ira accounts or to transfer admiral shares in-kind to other brokers - one of the reasons we no longer use vanguard)

    Sounds like the standard and admiral accounts are sharing the same ticker and cusip in your quicken file. When you look at your portfolio, look at edit for each of the fund's names and see if the tickers and/or cusips are the same. If so, fix the one that is wrong. Unfortunately you'll have to go to each of the transactions in the admiral register and manually change the security.
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    I have been fixing this kind of thing in Quicken for years. Until now it was not a major problem. but with Vanguard changing almost all my funds to Admiral account, changing Quicken has become quite a chore. If this is what Quicken is going to be like then it seems I will have to seek a different vendor.

    I appreciate you making the effort to respond to my problem.

    Thanks, Doug
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    Transactions affecting shares use the Remove and Add actions while Deposit and Withdraw actions affect cash.  Based on the actions you've reported I would expect that you'd still have the old, unconverted, shares in that Account
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    What does Tools>Online Center, Compare to Portfolio show is being reported by Vanguard?

    You may have inadvertently linked the 2 funds. In Securities List, if either of the 2 funds have the "Matched with online securities" box checked, uncheck it and do the Compare again. It should pop up a window to match them correctly.
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