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For those not aware, introduction: Transfer transactions are not reflected in Quicken for Mac's Budget Feature (if both the 'from' and 'to' accounts are included in the budget; i.e. routine transfers to a savings account from a checking account). This feature has existed in the Windows version of Quicken for years, and has been a requested addition to the Mac version of Quicken, by many community members, for multiple years now. For those users who transfer money regularly, the Budget Feature within Quicken for Mac is basically useless at this moment.

Fast forward: Quicken Marcus acknowledged the community's desires and provided a response in March of this year (see screenshot or go to https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/19990859#Comment_19990859). Exciting! It's finally going to come...not just yet, but it's on the roadmap.

Today: I received an "Update on What's New with Quicken" email detailing the latest features and identifying upgrades arriving in August. Unfortunately and sadly, there was no mention of transfer transaction tracking within budgets...not even a temporary, Band-Aid'ish solution.

Uugh. I'm sure "Improved Scheduled Transactions" are going to be great...but not for me. Maybe the "Powerful New Toolbar" will be spectacular...but Quicken itself is still limited in assisting my basic financial needs because the Mac version still lacks a capability that's been included in the Windows version for over a decade. Hindsight is 20/20 - I should've simply used the Windows version via Parallels until the Mac version finally became a full-fledged, financial solution.

So, my question: Anyone, either Quicken Marcus or someone else, willing to update the community on the timeline for adding transfer-tracking within the budget to the Mac version of Quicken?

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    @Jim I'm curious about this email you received. I've never heard of Quicken emailing customers about updates coming a month or more in the future, and I didn't get one. Can you share it here?

    Typically, marketing about Quicken touches on big issues, and an issue like this might not be "sexy" enough for marketing it, but that doesn't mean there aren't other things they've been working on which will appear.

    That said, Marcus said in March that it "will take many months to do" after they "get through some of the infrastructure work we're doing now". So if the "what we're doing now" work took a month or two from that statement in March, and the transfers-in-budgets functionality would then take "many months" more, I'd think that sounds like at least March + six months = September or later. Pure guesswork on my part.

    While the frustration is ongoing, I take some comfort in his acknowledgement that "t
    his is a top priority for us". That says relief will come and it's just a matter of waiting a bit longer.

    (If we're lucky, Marcus might reply and give us an update, but he's typically not active on this site between releases. But I'd expect a new release sometime this month, so maybe there'll be an opportunity to get him to comment.)
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    Email attached. Bottom line: I'm a dedicated Quicken user and a fan of the software overall. I, to my own regret, made the leap to Quicken for Mac early in its development. To be fair, Intuit severely neglected the Mac version before your involvement. Since you've purchased the software, the Mac version of Quicken has improved significantly...and I thank you for that. It's just very frustrating that this basic capability is still not included. Without the ability to track transfer transactions appropriately, the budgeting feature is non-existent.

    The email (attached) advertising upcoming additions to Quicken for Mac - without a single mention of a roadmap for tracking Transfers in the Budget - prompted my impulsive comment above. I simply ask for a timeline update if one can be provided (i.e. a few more months, by the end of the year, next year at the earliest, etc.). If the prospective timeline is too long, I may switch to Quicken for Windows temporarily vice suffering in the dark.

    Thanks for your time.
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