CapitalOne says account is locked when trying to setup Online Biller

I have two CapitalOne credit card accounts under one login. When I attempt to link them to a reminder, I get an error that says the account is locked. I can log in to the website so I know it's not locked. When I go to Manage Online Billers it only has one entry and no account number. This worked a few releases ago but quit after an update. I assumed it would get resolved later so I just unlinked the reminders and went on.

Quicken: Quicken Deluxe 2019 R19.55 (US Version)
Membership: Membership is valid
Source: Installed from download
OS: Windows 10 Version 1903
OS Build: 18362.175
Network: Cable

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  • MarkKasper83
    MarkKasper83 Member
    I am having this exact same problem. If you hover over the "Try Again" button under the CapitalOne logo you get a message that says they are working on an update to address this issue but that you need to go to your online CapitalOne account to view, manage and pay your bills. Any idea on when this update will be ready??
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