Dark Mode for Quicken for Windows (6 Merged Votes)



  • MHSwizzleStick
    MHSwizzleStick Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 23
    It's planned but no way to know when it will actually happen.
    [removed - self-referencing link]
  • HVj
    HVj Member
    Yet another +1 for dark mode theme. It's been over 8 months since any update from Quicken product management on this feature. Can we PLEASE GET AN UPDATED STATUS AND SCHEDULE for implementation?
  • HVj
    HVj Member
    BTW, this is also a medical vision issue for me. Quicken product management should be far more responsive to such accessibility issues. :/
  • MartyMart
    MartyMart Member
    YES, PLEASE!!!
    I second the motion to allow dark mode.
    I spend a lot of time using your program at all hours of the day.
    That bright background is the main negative that I have for this program.
  • tirrellj
    tirrellj Member
    Dark Mode: YES, YES, YES...
  • jaywbeardslee
    jaywbeardslee Member ✭✭
    Age is going up, sight is going down. Count me in for Dark Mode!
  • Ducky3280
    Ducky3280 Member
    I absolutely need this. I cannot pick up the small grey text on the white background. I need to double check all my numbers. Please prioritize this.
  • vidsie
    vidsie Member
    +1 dark mode
  • witziii
    witziii Member
    I am visually impaired and dark mode would really help me.
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