Certain reports are not including some items in a category. Totals are wrong. What's wrong.

Certain reports are not including some items in a category. Totals are wrong. What's wrong.


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    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words …
    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue, sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?
    The Windows Snipping Tool (available with Windows 7 and up) can be used to capture a partial screen image and save it to a file.  Microsoft Paint can be used to annotate the image.
    To take a screenshot in Mac please see https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201361
    Please create image files of type PNG, JPG or GIF only.
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    This is a known problem -- well, known to some of us here in this forum, and I HOPE to the developers -- if you are using the Category Summary report.

    An update sometime late last year introduced a problem that causes data to sometimes be omitted with this report. I haven't dug into trying to isolate exactly what causes it because there is an easy -- and better -- way around it: New Reports.

    Short background: Quicken Mac evolved from a 2010-era program called Quicken Essentials for Macintosh, which was the start of re-writing Quicken for the modern macOS. In 2014, Quicken Mac hit the market, solving some of the shortcomings of Quicken Essentials, while still leaving many (many!) desired features incomplete or not tackled. Reports was an area that carried over for Essentials, but it lacked much of the customization capabilities users needed. Starting two years ago, the developers set out to write an all-new reports engine for Quicken Mac which had the architecture to add the functionality users were asking for. A lot of features have been added over two years, but we're still in the middle of the transition from the old reports to the new reports, and both exist side-by-side in the program currently. Eventually, the developers will remove the old Essentials-era reports.

    Currently, all the functionality of the new reports engine is hidden in a single menu command: New Report on the reports menu. Unfortunately, there's no clue to users that this command is different than the old reports which appear under it on the menu, nor the power that it unlocks. (Expect to see the developers make this more apparent and easier to dive into in the next update or two.)

    So... select New Report from the menu. If you want to replicate the old Category Summary report, select Transaction, then select Rows=Category, and click Create Report. Then click Customize and set the date range to what you want; you can also further tweak the report, if you wish, to be limited to selected Accounts, Categories, Tags or Payees. In the report window, you can add or hide columns by clicking on Columns, and you can re-arrange or re-size columns by dragging on the column headers. Most important, you'll find all your data in the report!

    I wish I could explain why the developers have left the Category Summary report with its bugs. I suspect they don't want to invest time into fixing bugs in a report that's soon going to be eliminated from the program -- but in the meantime the report produced incorrect results for some users, as you've fortunately discovered (and some users probably haven't). They should have fixed it or eliminated it by now. But now you know how to avoid the problems by using the new reports engine.
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    It's tax time for me, I'm an extender. I do a category summary report and check income against 1099's, expenses against what I have recorded previously. I have an income category called "royalties". I have seven vendors (payees) in that category. Some send me checks, some direct deposit. One of the direct deposit vendors will not show up in 2018 no matter what I do. Starting with some version in the past, these direct deposits all began to come in with the category "personal income", which I immediately changed to "royalties". Everything, including this one vendor shows up in past years and the current year but not in 2018. Same story in expenses with several payees. They are in the register but not in the reports, which makes Quicken untrustworthy and useless at tax time. When I went through the entire year's register and set up "tags", the same payees did not show up in the tags report. I went to the payee list and checked "show hidden"...no change. THEN I CHANGED THE NAME OF THE ROYALTY VENDOR (PAYEE) AND IT SHOWED UP IN THE REPORT. So, just for grins, I tried changing the payee to "Butt Crack" and it STILL showed up in the report, so what gives?
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    Try re-creating your report using Create Transaction Report. The old Category Summary report has one or more bugs; the new reports engine produces accurate reports. Do not use Category Summary -- use one of the "Create" reports. In this case, select Rows=Category.

    Report back whether that solves your problem.
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