How do I restore data from Quicken Mobile online onto my computer?

I have a new computer and my Quicken files were on a hard drive that I do not have access to. When I log into Quicken online and select "Quicken on the Web" I see my data and I am able to update things online, but I cannot do all the things I can do on the desktop app (i.e. Customizing a Categorized Report).

I presume that I need to somehow restore the data from "Quicken on the Web" onto my computer, but I don't know how to do that.

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  • jacobs
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    @msands49 Do you not have any backups of your computer's data, on a backup hard drive, or on a cloud service? If not, and you cannot access your old Mac, you're pretty much out of luck. As explained above, what's store in Quicken Cloud is only a subset of your Quicken data, not a full copy of your data file.

    (Going forward, please commit yourself to having either a hard drive backup or cloud service backup of your Mac. A hard drive for backups can be purchased for $1200 or less. You flirt with disaster by not having any backup.)
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