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I'd like to access my account on the web, how do I do it?

I'll be going on vacation. Quicken is on my desktop computer. I'll have my laptop with me. What is the best way to access my account? Do I need to add the Quicken program to my laptop or can I access it online?

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  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    Actually, you can either add it to your laptop, or access online. 
    BUT, the online version won't have several of your accounts (investments comes to mind) AND, it will only include the last 2 years or so of your info.
    Lastly, the upload of  that last 2 years will take  several hours  on a fast connection.
    SO, how do you want to proceed ... and we  can  further assist.
    OH, also,  what Build do you have on your computer?  In QWin,  do HELP, About Quicken &  in QMac,  do Quicken, About Quicken for this info.
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Home & Business
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  • Tony Luers
    Tony Luers Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 2019

    I have Windows. I suppose I was thinking just accessing it online as I only need to really do this just a few times a year. I could add the program as well if that is easier.

    I'm not all that computer intelligent. I saw in the program the mobile & web and that I'm synced with the Cloud, I was wondering if I log on somewhere if it's already there...but really don't know which is best or how to do it.

    If I would use the program, would my current account be recognized as it is today? If I don't use that laptop for 6 months, would I have to go back and accept a multitude of transactions for 6 months or would it somehow be current as I use the desktop everyday?

    I really don't know which way is better, so what would you suggest?

    Also, if investment accounts would be missing...well, that is the only thing I use Quicken for is to watch investment, retirement accounts.
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