Entering invoices?

Quicken locks up when I try to enter an invoice into a receivable account.

Also, the receivable account I set up does not appear on the Balance SHeet......what am I missing?


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    An Invoice owed to you or by you?
    And which Q product are you running/  What country?  What Build of Q?
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    Invoice owed to me
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    Do you have a Customer Invoices account? If so, when you go to that account, click the gear in the upper right corner and New Customer Invoice, does the Invoice - Customer Invoices window open? Have you looked at the settings for Balance Sheet and made sure the Customer Invoices box was checked under Accounts?
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    "Also, the receivable account I set up does not appear on the Balance SHeet ...."

    If you are using cash basis reporting and there are no paid invoices in the account, the account will not appear in the Balance Sheet. And if there are no transactions in the account, it will not appear in the Balance Sheet.

    You can control the basis at the Quicken file level at Edit > Preferences > Reports and Graphs. 

    You can control the basis at the Quicken report level (for reports that utilize basis) on the Advanced tab of the report Customize dialog.
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    Help! (Quicken for Windows)

    If you're unsure on how to do something, you can find more information about a specific task, function, feature or report in Quicken Help.
    To access Quicken Help simply press the F1 key from anywhere in Quicken (or click Help in the Menu bar, then click Quicken Help).
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    Or use the Search tab to search using keywords, e.g., "buy security".
    Some Quicken view screens may have a blue (or yellow) button with a question mark. Click it to get view - specific help.

    You may want to review the book "Manage your business" in Quicken Help, Contents tab, to get started with setting up a business, setting up Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and "*Sales Tax*" accounts.
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