Bug in conversion from Q 2017 R19.5 to Q 2019 - Bills do not convert over

Just purchased 2019 tonight , discover bills do not convert on new version. income reminders work fine but bills are not coming over. Tried backup and restore and same issue. fix this please so I can buy it again cause I just asked for a refund when support could not assist. past bills will show in calendar view and they are grey only. no red bill show up at all. when i open the same file with the older version of quicken, bills are there. and quicken people if you are reading this, i will take a free copy for finding this bug for you, schema mismatch


  • Sherlock
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    The data file is not converted when we upgrade from Quicken 2017 to Quicken 2019. I suspect you were confused by the New and improved user interface for Bills.  The next time you attempt to upgrade, I suggest you check the Combine Bills, Income & Transfers preference:  select Edit > Preferences...

  • carbonfiber
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    I will check it out today and report back
  • carbonfiber
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    okay so here is what happened. my default save location was to my dropbox folder. because of this though the conversion fails somehow (its basically says the file is in use and there is an issue but doesnt really say what the solution is or if keeping the file in a dropbox folder isnt supported for some functions.), I had to move to the C:\ drive or just anywhere that isnt a dropbox folder and then the file converts properly and the bills are now showing. I do see that the "stack" view is no longer an option is the new version however I can work with that. I want to thank this community for helping me find the answer. so I re bought the software today on a two year membership but noticed I dont count as a new customer anymore and lost my 10 dollar discount. such is life. thanks again sherlock
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    Never open your data file or backup file directly from Dropbox.  Always move the file to your desktop computer, then open it, to prevent file damage.
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