How to delete a Security List mutual fund from just one of several IRAs?

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GEHKSH again, with a continuation of the last yet-to-be-solved problem that I, not Fidelity, created. We have a mutual fund in three different IRAs. How can I safely delete the fund, which has seriously messed-up data, from just one of the IRAs? I do not want to delete it from the Security List, because it is doing fine in the other two IRAs.

Many thanks to those that responded to my two previous queries.


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    If you want to completely remove the fund from that account as if you had never held it, you will have to delete all the transactions related to that security, including any Placeholders. To avoid confusion, make sure Placeholders are visible! This will affect the cash balance in the account, because money that was used to buy this fund will remain in the account, money from any sales and dividends not reinvested will not be in the account, etc.

    If you just want the fund to disappear going forward, you could enter a Removed transaction for all the shares Quicken says you currently hold.

    In either case, back up your data file first in case the results are not what you expected.
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    Jim, thanks to your suggestions and to a very pleasant young woman named Angie at the Tech Help number, I was able to eliminate one to the two new mutual funds which had been misspelled by adjusting the number of fractional shares sold in the last recorded transaction. Then I used the Mutual Fund Conversion utility to merge a previous fund into its replacement fund (the other 'new' fund, allowing for the fact that the replacement fund already had a few shares in it. Finally, I bought shares in the money market fund using the entire cash balance reported by Fidelity. As they say in poker, the pot is now right.

    Also, thanks to Sherlock and NotACPA with their prior suggestions. I have used (and enjoy) Quicken for thirty years, but had never run into these kinds of problems. One of the Quicken help desk people mentioned they were having serious 'discussions' with Fidelity.
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