I want to group securities with in the overall Brokerage.

I have 3 different advisers that give me stock suggestions and I would like to easily group them separately. Is there any way to do this easily?

So far I was able to accomplish this by creating different investment brokerages and using advanced manual entry and naming the brokerage by the adviser. Then I selected "keep separate from my account". I copied individual stocks from my brokerage section and pasted them into the separated brokerage I created for each adviser. This has a lot of drawbacks, to say the least, but it does allow me to quickly look at current quotes and not have to figure out what adviser I was working with for a particular security. Its big drawbacks are the amount of effort and time it takes and I have to log the sales transactions manually. Everything gets confusing real quick and it also doesn't allow me to run reports on separated manual accounts.

Any advice or instructions you could give or point me to would be greatly appreciated.


  • Jim_Harman
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    If each security only has one adviser, you could use the "Investing goal" field for the security to track the adviser. If you have some securities that have more than one adviser, you could make a "Multi adviser" category.

    Then you can group the securities in the Investing > Portfolio views or subtotal the investing reports by Investing goal
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You could also create new Security Types. Quicken doesn't care. You could have
    • Stock (Tom)
    • Stock (Dick)
    • Stock (Harry)
    and then group by Security Type.

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  • jr7107
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    However with both Investing Goals (max 15) and Security Types they have limited the total number of them. I would love double that, seems an easy request.
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  • mshiggins
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    My recommendation would be to customize a Portfolio view for each advisor. You can include accounts and securities for that advisor in the view. There are 18 different views available to customize. 

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