When I enter a transaction why does it say it is 'recorded' but not shown in the register.

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  • gloriawine7
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    I have entered transactions and they are not shown.
  • jacobs
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    Chances are, you have a date filter on your register set to a date range that doesn't include the date of the transaction you are entering. Or some other filter that excludes your just-entered transaction.

    Look at the filters, just above the column headings in your register...

    If you see the red Clear Filters button on the right, try clicking it to clear all your filters to see if the transaction you're looking for is now visible. You can then re-set any filter(s) you want.

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  • gloriawine7
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    Thank you Jacobs. It worked, now all my transactions show up, and some twice because I reentered them when I could not see them.
    Now how do I see and reset my filters?
  • UKR
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    Are you new to Quicken Mac (2015 and newer)?


    Getting Started with Quicken for Mac
    https://www.quicken.com/complete-guide-getting-started-quicken-2018-mac https://www.quicken.com/quicken-tips with links to more information and videos

    If you haven't done so already, please review these videos for more information about Quicken Mac


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  • gloriawine7
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    Answered completely. Thank you very much.
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