Issues with importing QFX files

I was successfully downloading my credit card transactions from Bank One into a QFX file and importing them into an earlier version of Quicken using the Web Connect process. Support ended, so I am now on the Quicken annual subscription plan with Quicken's latest version. However, when I try to import a QFX file, nothing seems to happen. The transactions don't appear anywhere.

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  • EmJayAy47
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    My error, Geoff. I have a Capital One credit card.

    I am comfortable using the manual process so that I can import and resolve the specific transactions associated with a single credit card statement. I don't believe I can do that with One Step Update ... or, can I?
  • NotACPA
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    You most definitely can review transaction before they're posted to your account registers.
    Do EDIT, Preferences, Downloaded Transactions ... and make sure that these two boxes are UNchecked.

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