Issues with importing QFX files

I was successfully downloading my credit card transactions from Bank One into a QFX file and importing them into an earlier version of Quicken using the Web Connect process. Support ended, so I am now on the Quicken annual subscription plan with Quicken's latest version. However, when I try to import a QFX file, nothing seems to happen. The transactions don't appear anywhere.

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  • EmJayAy47
    EmJayAy47 Member
    My error, Geoff. I have a Capital One credit card.

    I am comfortable using the manual process so that I can import and resolve the specific transactions associated with a single credit card statement. I don't believe I can do that with One Step Update ... or, can I?
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    You most definitely can review transaction before they're posted to your account registers.
    Do EDIT, Preferences, Downloaded Transactions ... and make sure that these two boxes are UNchecked.

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