Unable to sign in with Quicken ID - when using a VPN

I have been happily using Quicken Premier for Windows for a very long time without having to sign in with my Quicken ID. Yesterday, for some reason, the prompt suddenly came back. But every time I try to log in it tells me "Oops something went wrong".

I figured that Quicken likely reset my password for some reason so I clicked on the link to reset my password. I entered my ID (email address) and clicked submit. What happened? You guessed it. "Oops something went wrong". How can my request for a password reset fail like that?

I tried to do this at quicken.com and got the same results.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Quicken Premier for Mac

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was able to change my password from another computer but in the end that wasn't my problem. It looks like there was an issue with my VPN or a combination of running Quicken in a VM and the VPN. Turning the VPN off temporarily fixed the issue.

    Quicken Premier for Mac


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