My QDF file is getting pretty big, 75MB

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Hello, what is teh maximum size of the QDF file? I use the Real Estate version and capture all the receipts and every transction. The file is getting a bit unwieldy.

For Quicken, a suggestion: support multiple QDF files in one session. I want to keep my entire history but if they were broken into different physical files, I can aggregate one or more files depending on the report. Most of the time, I am just interested in the last couple of years but if I want to query my total costs for a rental, I would like to aggregate from multiple files.


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    17,592,185,978,880 bytes is the limit on NTFS but, practically, I suggest keeping the size below the addressable memory of the 32-bit application (approximately 2 Gig).  Here are the documented limitations:

    I recommend not saving attachments in the data file as receipts and other documentation can be better managed in a file system.

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    I appreciate the response. The convenience, to me, of having everything to do with each rental in one spot cannot be overstated. I wouldn't mind if instead of saving the image, just a filename for the jpg was used. However, I think it can be done all in the same file and just have reports support multiple files.

    How I typically do this if I have an exceptional expense, such as buying something from Lowes, I use the phone app to take a picture of the receipt, fill in a few fields such as the amount and which rental, and quicken enters it for me. That is it. I am done. It migth be a week before I get to teh computer and reconcile the cloud.
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    My QDF is... 120MB -
    you can see the general structure via ..... Ctrl+ --> Help --> About Quicken

    and here is what the internal files are...using the 7-ZIP program

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
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    Very interesting ps56k, thanks
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