How to create an "Account" for EE Series U.S. Savings Bonds Purchased on a Former Employer's Plan

I purchased U.S. Savings Bonds from 1994 to 2004 in a single Face Value denomination through my former employer's (employer now defunct) Savings Bond Plan. Previously I had tracked the bonds accrued interest through the U.S. Treasury's "Savings Bond Wizard" but things have changed and I more fear using their new web based tools to do the same due to reports of nefarious entities trying to access our personal information on Federal websites. So I discovered that Quicken Premier (Up to date subscription and latest version and updates downloaded) may be able to do a similar thing.

However, when I followed the Help" items titled "Buy a US Savings Bond" and "Buy a Security" I ended up with a single line in the "Securities List" and could not create an account or add securities to any thing more than repeating the same procedure and just creating another line in the "Securities List". I want to view this and accrued interest as a whole of all of my bonds in my "Accounts" not having to dig into the "Securities List" and view individually. Hence more like the function of the old "Savings Bond Wizard"! How can I accomplish this in Quicken Premier?

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    Thanks NotACPA! This worked to simply inventory and sum my U.S. EE Series Savings Bonds, my primary purpose. To do so I had to select "Bonds Bought" at the top of the dialog box and "Use Cash from EEUSSavings Bond" (The Account Name). However, "The Number of Bonds" needed to be set at "0.1" and the "PME" at "$50" "(base 100)" or what I paid for the bond in order for the "Total Cost" to equal $50.00. Not sure why this is or functions this way for a savings bond? Also i had to enter a $50.00 initial expense not using an individual name for a bond in order to make the overall calculation correct as compared to the printout from the online bond calculator, that I finally decided to use since you don't give up any personal info, and then enter the accrued interest from the Bond Calculator. For entering Interest I made a separate entry for each bond under "Enter Transaction" = "Income", "Income (Div., Int., Etc.)", In the "Memo" fieled I entered the face value of the bond as "$100 Denomination", Copied this and pasted it each time I needed it to avoid typing. Also the bond name can be pulled down from the menu each time it is needed to prevent having to type it out more than once.

    What would be nice is if this were more intuitive and that Quicken could have this function not only as a permanent inventory but similar to the U.S. Treasury's Bond Calculator! Because I will have to go there whenever I want to update the interest on the bonds and manually type in that information each time.
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