Warn for Duplicate Check Numbers

There doesn't seem to be any kind of warning for duplicate check numbers either when entering transactions manually, or downloading from my bank -- I just ran into an issue where a check was processed twice (yikes), and didn't realize it (they were on two separate statements) until the bank caught the error and redeposited the funds. A duplicate number warning would have helped me catch the error immediately.
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  • Eweneek
    Eweneek Member
    Now we do get a duplicate check warning. My issue is there’s isn’t a way to update the system to stop receiving the warning.
  • peabody
    peabody Member
    I finally upgraded to Quicken 2020 Premier for Mac from the 2007 version this past summer. And THERE IS NO WARNING FOR DUPLICATE CHECK NUMBER ENTRY. This was a great feature of the 2007 version. Having a hard time understanding why it was not continued for 2020.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @peabody  "This was a great feature of the 2007 version. Having a hard time understanding why it was not continued for 2020."  The simple answer is that they've been re-writing Quicken Mac from scratch for the past 7+ years, and this particular feature from Quicken 2007 just hasn't been programmed yet. It's always possible the developers decided it wasn't needed or wasn't desirable, but more likely, it just hasn't popped up as a high enough priority for them to spend the time to write the code to do it. It doesn't matter that it might be relatively simple to code; what matters is where this idea fits in a list of feature requests that numbers many hundreds.

    The one way we users can influence what the developers do is by voting for Ideas on this forum. As of this writing, this Idea has only 8 votes, and as a result, it's never even been seen by the developers. (If you think that's a flawed system, so do I, but it's not the point here. ;) ) If more people vote for this idea, it will eventually be forwarded by this site's moderators to the development team for evaluation. (To vote, go to the top post in this thread, and in the large blue box under the post, click the little gray arrow under the vote counter to increment it by one.)
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  • ricgpdx
    ricgpdx Member ✭✭
    I see a warning icon ⚠️ with duplicate check numbers. I wish I had a way to reset it because I've been using Quicken for so long all my check numbers are duplicate, so this feature isn't that useful to me. There's no way I can see to reset the check number history.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    That's interesting. I just tried entering a duplicate check number, and I get no warning or icon at all. I don't print checks form Quicken, though. Maybe there's a difference between manually entering a transaction with a check number (what I did) and actually printing a check (is this that you do?). 
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