Quite new to credit card transactions

All my credit card transactions have the memo indicating a different credit card account. I actually am in need of tutorial type information on reconciling credit card accounts with the account which pays the credit card bill.

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    Well, you need to start by separating that jumbled account into 1 Quicken account per card (unless you share a card with a spouse/etc).
    Then, you either download or manually input succeeding transactions into the respective, and proper, accounts.
    Lastly, a Payment to any of those newly created credit card accounts is effected by a Transfer of funds from your checking account to the proper card account.
    Reconciling, after that, should be quite simple.

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    How are you getting those CC transactions entered into Quicken...
    As mentioned - the proper way is to always setup Quicken with a separate account for each banking or CC account.  Then, the bank/CC account is linked to their respresentative Quicken account.  Next, you can use Quicken One Step Update to download transactions and ending balances.  Lastly, you can then Reconcile each Quicken account with the data downloading - including the ending balance.

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