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I am trying to create a new security for my portfolio. It is for a mutual fund that has the same name and symbol as another fund that exists except this has my wife's name attached to the name of the fund instead of mine. My name is attached to the other fund already listed. When I try to create the security, it keeps resorting back to fund that's in my name and won't let me create the new one in my wife's name. I have many other securities with the same name and symbol with different names attached (my name vs. my wife's name) which I recently imported from Quicken 2007. Quicken 2019 will not let me create similar securities. What am I doing wrong or how do I get around this problem?


  • Michael Spiegelman
    > @intouchwithreality said:
    > Create the new security with no ticker.
    > Then Edit the new security and assign the ticker.

    By ticker, I assume you mean symbol?
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    Just curious why you need all these securities to exist separately for you and your wife. Isn't the security the same security, whether you or your wife own it? The difference in your ownership is in separate accounts for each of you, allowing you to  track your purchases/sales/value individually. (So if I have 1000 shares of Vanguard XYZ Fund and my wife has 500 shares of Vanguard XYZ fund, there is only one security, but separate investment accounts.) What am I missing about why you'd need two separate securities in Quicken to correspond to one actual mutual fund in the real world?
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