Install on son's laptop and e manages checking from phone?

My college aged son's Wells Fargo has been managed in my Quicken file until now.
My subscription allows me to install on his laptop right?
Can he manage his own file and sync with his phone? What are the steps for that?
Or does he need his own subscription?

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  • dogwind
    dogwind Member ✭✭
    I want him to be able to manage his own checking account as his own stand alone file. Since I don't use mobile I am hoping his file can be the only cloud file that he can sync from his laptop and his phone. I don't quite know the mechanics of that (cloud file) but I'm checking it out. Thanks!
  • dogwind
    dogwind Member ✭✭
    >the only data file set sync'd to you Quicken Cloud account will be his<

    That's what I needed to verify thanks!
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